April 6–9, 2017
Ohio Expo Center
Columbus, OH


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Equine Affaire


Equine Affaire, Inc.
2720 State Route 56 SW
London, OH 43140
P: 740.845.0085
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When, Where, What, and How - What You Need to Know to Go!


Equine Affaire will be held at Ohio Expo Center. The address and GPS coordinates for this venue are:

Ohio Expo Center
717 East 17th Ave

Columbus OH 43211
GPS Coordinates: 40.0010493,-82.9875838

Dates & Hours 

Thursday, April 7


Friday, April 8


Saturday, April 9


Sunday, April 10


Advance ticket sales will begin on December 7th.

At the event, tickets will go on sale at 8:30 each morning at all attendee entrance gates.  You can save time at the event by purchasing your tickets in advance. 

Fantasia Dates & Hours

The Fantasia will take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 7th and 8th, and 9th in the coliseum at the Ohio Expo Center.  The doors will open at 7:00 each night; each performance will begin at 7:30pm and last approximately two hours.  For advance tickets, click on Purchase Tickets in the column to the right. 


The Ohio Expo Center

The Ohio Expo center is located at 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211

Click here for driving directions to the Ohio Expo Center

Accessing and Parking at Equine Affaire

All event entrances will be on 17th Ave. on the north side of the Ohio Expo Center; 11th Ave. gates on the south side of the facility will be closed.   Attendees should either enter the event by vehicle through Gate 3 and park on the south side of 17th Ave. . . . or park in the large lot on the north side of 17th Ave. (on Friday and Saturday) and walk through pedestrian Gate 2 near the Bricker Annex.  There will be a free shuttle running between the north parking lot and Gate 2.  All attendees parking in the lot on the south side of 17th Ave. must exit this lot via Gate 4 on 17th Ave. at the northeast corner of the lot. Please Note:  Gate 1 on 17th Avenue at the west end of the facility will be an exhibitor entrance and should not be used by attendees.  The Ohio Expo Center campground is on Korbel Avenue on the west side of the north parking lot.

Make Plans with Family & Friends

Equine Affaire will be the perfect "getaway" for you, your horse-loving friends, and members of your horse-related clubs and associations. Let your friends and members of any clubs with which you are affiliated know about the great opportunities available at Equine Affaire. You may want to share travel and hotel expenses.

Parking and Camping Fees

Standard Parking manages all parking and camping on the grounds of the Ohio Expo Center and will collect the parking and camping fees charged at the facility.  The single-entry daily parking fee will be $7, and four-day parking passes (allowing re-entry to the event) will be available for $20.  The camping fee will be $35/night with a noon check out; no tent camping will be permitted.  Campers will be required to purchase a parking pass for their vehicles. For additional information on camping at the Ohio Expo Center, click here.  If you have questions regarding parking or camping at the facility, please contact Standard Parking at (614) 294-9336.


Plan on Being Indoors . . . and Out

Equine Affaire is essentially an indoor event. Clinics will be conducted in the coliseum, Cooper Arena, and the Voinovich Center (which are temperature-controlled) and in the Rod's Covered Paddock (which is outdoors, but covered).  All seminars will be conducted in the Voinovich Center...and demos will be presented in both the Celeste Center (which is heated) and the Bricker Annex (which is indoors, but not heated.).  The trade show will be featured in four huge exhibit halls--three of which are temperature-controlled.  The Breed and Youth Pavilions will be indoors; the Horse & Farm Exhibits area in the Gilligan Complex will be indoors, but not heated. It will be necessary to walk some distances outdoors from building to building, and there will be numerous food concessions, picnic tables, and outdoor exhibitors between the various buildings.

Pick Up Your Free Souvenir Program

Be sure to pick up your free souvenir program as you enter Equine Affaire.  Souvenir programs will be distributed to adult attendees at all event entrances and at the Information Booth in the Bricker Building.  The program will include a map of the grounds with detailed layouts of each of the buildings to help you navigate throughout the event, a comprehensive list of exhibitors with their booth locations and phone numbers, an updated Clinic, Seminar & Demonstration Schedule, and biographical information on Equine Affaire presenters. The program will not only be an invaluable guide during your visit and a handy place to take notes and record autographs, but it will also serve as an excellent reference after the event.

Communicating with Others

In the event that you don't have a cell phone, have forgotten to bring it, or need to communicate with other event attendees not carrying phones, you can communicate by leaving messages for one another at the Message Center located across from the Information Booth in the Bricker Building. After tickets for the Fantasia are sold out, the Message Center is also a great place to look for notices posted by individuals who have Fantasia tickets for sale.

Posting/Disseminating Promotional Materials at the Ohio Expo Center

Please help us maintain the professional appearance of the event and comply with policies of the Ohio Expo Center, by not posting flyers, ads, signs, notices, and stickers on any wall, door, or other surface of the event facility (except as noted below).   Similarly, please do not leave stacks of printed materials anywhere in the event for pick up by event attendees. All such materials will be removed by event management.

Advertising/Promotional Opportunities within Equine Affaire

If you wish to post a flyer or ad about horses or tack for sale, stallion services, boarding/training services, or other horse-related items or services, you may post your flyer on the bulletin board located near the center of the "green wall" that separates the north and south halves of the Gilligan Complex.  There will also be an official Distribution Area in the Bricker Building for the purpose of setting out equine publications, show flyers, equine product flyers, and other promotional materials for event attendees to pick up.  A small fee is charged for the opportunity to place materials in this area, and the area will be supervised by Equine Affaire personnel.  Of course the most effective and least expensive way to advertise your horses for sale, stable, equine product, or services is to place an ad in the souvenir program which will be distributed free of charge to all adult attendees.  For information on advertising in the event program, click here. If you are interested in participating in the Distribution Area at the event call Karin Brennan at Equine Affaire at (740) 845-0085 ext. 112.

Our Pet Policy

All of us at Equine Affaire love horses, dogs, cats, and other companion animals—and we understand why many people like to take their pets with them when they travel.   Because of the size of Equine affaire, the presence of horses, the magnitude of the crowds, and restrictions imposed by our insurance company, dogs and other companion animals cannot be permitted at Equine Affaire.  Attendees will not be permitted to bring dogs or other pets into the show, and at no time will dogs or other pets be permitted inside any building at the event.  We strongly encourage everyone to leave their pets at home or make other arrangements for their care rather than keep them in their vehicles in the parking lots while at the event.

Pets traveling in camping vehicles to Equine affaire must be kept in those vehicles/campers; they may be walked on leashes as needed for exercise and to relieve themselves.  Campers with dogs are expected to keep their pets on leashes and away from event attendees and to clean up after their pets.

Note:  Equine Affaire, Inc. will comply with federal, state, and local laws pertaining to service dogs and will grant access for these animals in accordance with all applicable laws.

Recording and Photographing

Equine Affaire presents a myriad of great opportunities to record educational sessions and take pictures or videos of horses and "famous faces." Please feel free to bring your camera, video camera, or audio recorder and film, photograph, and record activities at the event.  If you record, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Nearly all clinicians and presenters permit the use of recording devices during their sessions; if an individual presenter does not want to have his or her session recorded, an announcement will be made by the venue manager at the beginning of the session.  Your cooperation will be expected in complying with the wishes of each presenter.

  • When taking a photo or filming the event, please be discrete and respectful of all event participants and attendees.  You may not enter any arena or ring or hang over the railing of any arena or ring to take photographs or videos.  Your recording activity should not disrupt any activity in any venue or create an annoyance tor other attendees.

  • You may record, photograph, and film activities at Equine Affaire only for your own personal use; you may not sell or in any way market any image or recording gathered at Equine Affaire without the express written permission of Equine Affaire, Inc.

Consent to be Photographed

Please be advised that film crews affiliated with mass media, independent film companies, and other professional photographers may be filming and photographing at Equine Affaire.  By entering areas of the event where there may be individuals either filming or photographing activities, you are consenting to being filmed and or captured in photographs.  You agree that your image and voice as captured may be used as part of any production that incorporates this film or photograph and that this may be broadcasted in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity.  If you do not agree to this, please be aware of individuals who are filming and/or photographing and do not enter areas where these activities may be taking place.